They gained respect and great appreciation from the audience (expecially from girls!!) , they proved to be exceptional musicians and a wonderfully united band on stage, something that undoubtedly contributed to make each and every Michael Bublè's concert a stellar success.

They played their part in the show, being a wonderful shoulder to Michael's fun moments on stage, and they surely showed that regards their young age they have all the intentions to go on presenting the audience with those magical moments we've seen so far. It's really worth to try and find out more about each and everyone of them, hoping that sooner or later, all of them will have their own website.

Since these pages are based on informations and details that I personally gathered I would be grateful to anyone that, having had the chance to meet them in person, would want to contribute to writing a more detailed profile, communicating anecdotes or personal details.

Here are the guys that played in the band for Michael's 2004 Summer/Fall tour :


Please note :

In this case too, as with Michael's page, all the informations that are written in these pages are 90% coming from what THEY directly told me, or either from internet researches or their official websites. I then added my personal comments and impressions that are in NO WAY related in any official manner to the guys themselves, and for which I take full account.

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